What is Wordlightmypath.com?

Wordlightmypath.com is a website that provides real, down
to earth studies direct from the Bible; studies that reflect the
original text as closely as possible. These studies are designed
to help Pastors, Lay Preachers and Home Group Leaders – or
anyone wishing to understand the Bible better. We trust that
they will benefit all who have a hunger for God’s Word.

All studies are free and offered by writers who believe the following:

  • God the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth
  • His Son, Jesus Christ who came to earth, lived and died
    and rose from the dead on the third day to save mankind from sin.
  • The Holy Spirit, the helper who lives within those who follow Christ.
  • The Holy Bible is the Word of God.

Where should I start?

Wordlightmypath.com works by clicking on one of the books of the Bible in the navigation bar and selecting one of the studies on that book.

The studies are grouped by the Bible book that they relate to.

You can find a full list of the WordLightMyPath studies here: Full List of Bible Studies.
You can also find extra studies from WordLightMyPath trusted authors here: Other Bible Studies, including a link to word4life.org, a new website full of teaching and encouragement by my son Darren